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5 Best Tower Defense Games of 2012

tower defense game.pngTower defense games have always been a popular choice when it comes to free games online but with 2012 now fast becoming a forgotten point in time, we thought that we would give you guys a reminder of the biggest tower defense games you can still play free of charge online.

Whether you want to take on evil zombies, pop balloons or try to stop critters from crossing your territory, this top 5 list has something for everyone to enjoy, so if you haven’t tried any of these games yet, we strongly recommend you do.

1. Bloons Tower Defense 5

The Bloons tower defense games have been at the forefront of this category for years and although you are battling with balloons, the chance to be able to control your very own dart throwing monkey army seems to be just what gamers are looking for judging by the exposure of this one.

Developed by NinjaKiwi, the Bloons brand has become huge within the free gaming community and not just for its tower defense offering and with millions of searches for this latest addition to the series, you simply have to give this one a go.

2. Ambush

Giving a real millitary feel, Ambush came onto the scene and gave gamers the chance to be able to execute their tower defense with military precision and with great power ups such as calling in air support have made this one of the most popular army based tower defense games online.

Giving the game a real army feel with the fact that you are taking out rival troops, we can see why Ambush has become so popular but will you be able to take on the responsibility of protecting the military base?

3. Penguins Attack 4

Entering into the list in third place in our 5 best tower defense games is Penguins Attack 4, a mash up of army and animal antics that has finally entered its fourth chapter within a great looking tower defense game series.

Taking control of your army you have to eliminate all of the penguins that are heading your way and this time the penguins are smarter than ever before, meaning that your strategy has to be right otherwise you will have to think fast as the penguins bypass your defensive towers.

Take on the challenge that the penguins pose and show them that you are not about to roll over and let them take revenge for the previous three attempts that they have had.

4. Kingdom Rush

As one of the best looking tower defense games that we have seen being released in 2012, our list wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of Kingdom Rush which was created by Armor Games.

Protect yourself from the hordes of evil wizards, orcs and trolls that are making their way through the maze-like path towards your stronghold, giving you the chance to be able to get a real fantasy feel to the game which has already been tipped to be named tower defense game of 2012.

The gameplay and graphics that Kingdom Rush have to offer are second to none and with some of the games already on the market looking a little rushed, this one has a real complete feel to it, giving you some of the most indepth gameplay that you will find from any tower defense game.

5. SAS Zombie Assault TD

Although this title is considered to be a spin off of the more popular defense game, SAS Zombie Assault, the developers have done a great job with this title and the fan base that the original game has, means that this title entered into the market with a huge amount of interest.

Hold off the waves of zombies that are trying to get their next feed, placing defense blocks across the path of the oncoming zombies while looking to blast the zombies back to where they once came.

Although you might think that zombies is a niche that has been done to death within the tower defense category, this game breaks the mould of standard tower defense titles and we knew that this one simply had to be listed on our list of the best tower defense titles created in 2012.

Now that we have completed the list, if there are any games on here that you haven’t played them we strongly recommend that you do as these really are the very best tower defense games that the free online gaming market have to offer.

We are looking forward to seeing what titles release further additions to their gaming series and anticipate that there will be a new source of tower defense titles in recent months, so keep a look out and let us know what tower defense games have got you locked to your computer in your spare time.


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