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Airdroid App Features Review – Now Connect Wirelessly

Airdroid is one of the best Android Application which lets you manage your android mobile from your web browser.  So you can easily access your phone wirelessly using this wonderful application. This doesn’t mean that you can connect to your mobile from any computer; rather it would require a system which has WiFi in it. So both the computer and the mobile will be connect through WiFi. These are some of the cool features of Airdroid:-

Airdroid App Features:

Easy File Transfer: Transfer files (Upload or download) with ease just by dragging the files.

Manage SMS: Now you can send, receive, copy or forward SMS from your computer.

Apps: Install or Remove applications from your Android Mobile.

Photos: Easily manage (upload, download, set as wallpaper etc.) your photos from your web browser.

Contacts: Easily add contact, remove contact, check logs etc. from your Android Mobile.

Ringtones: Manage your android mobile ringtone with ease.

Photos/Music/Video: Easily manage (upload, download etc.) your photos/music/video from your web browser.

How to download and use Airdroid Application?

Step 1: Download Airdroid from

or Play Store and install it in your Mobile

Step 2: Run the Application and then you can enter the details mentioned below

airdroid 180x300

Step 3: Open the web browser in your computer and type the web address mentioned above along with the passcode

android mobile 1024x578

android application 1024x433

That’s all… now access your Android Mobile Phone through your computer with ease. Using this app you will be able to access everything from your media files to your SMS with just a click of couple of keys.

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