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Apple iPad Mini Release Date, Price, Latest News and Rumors

There are a lot of hullaballoos about the existence of a smaller iPad and many are wondering if it will indeed be out sometime within this month. If you’re curious about the happenings that revolves around the rumored Apple iPad Mini, better read on.

iPad Mini Release Date

According to leaks, the release date for the mini iPad has already been set. Sources have told that there’s a possibility for it to be launched sometime within the third quarter of this year but the official date is yet to be confirmed. Apple didn’t give any official statement so we’re going to take these statements with a grain of salt. It is also possible that Apple will release the said tablet before Christmas.

How much will it cost?

It can be speculated that the iPad Mini will cost a bit cheaper than the New iPad but more expensive than the Kindle Fire HD that you can get for less than $200 at Amazon. Reports from anonymous Chinese sources have also stated that its price will most likely go somewhere in between $250 to $300. If that is really the case, will you be tempted to get one? As far as we know, a lot of Apple fans are not that interested with the iPad Mini. There was this survey that was conducted by TechBargains and it turned out that a lot of consumers aren’t convinced and only 18 percent of the total number of respondents has stated that they will be purchasing the mini version of the iPad if ever it goes available in the market.

Features and Specifications

There are a lot of speculations about the features and specifications of the Apple iPad Mini. According to the latest news and rumors, it will be sporting a 7-inch HD Retina Display and just like the iPhone 5, it will be running on Apple’s latest iOS6 platform. It will also be equipped with a couple of state-of-the-art applications such as Maps, Passbook and Facebook. It is also said that the tablet will be beefed up with 4G/LTE connectivity and it will be powered by an A6 processor. Plus, don’t be surprised to see the tablet with a smaller (8-pin) dock connector. There’s no word about the camera of the smaller iPad and we also don’t know much about its built-in memory capacity and internal storage options.

Nevertheless, we’re hoping for the best and we also hope that Apple would release an official statement so that we will no longer be relying on these unreliable news and rumors.


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