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Hey Friends, I am Michael John a Web Designer/Developer and a Blogger from Mumbai, India. I have done my graduation (B.Sc) from Mumbai University and am currently working as a Manager with JPMorgan. I am also the CEO of Justclickin haha. Justclickin will be handy if you are looking for Useful Updates on Softwares, Games, Gadgets, Web Development, Web Tips and Tricks. You can contact me on mj@justclickin.com or Google+. Thanks!!!

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Top 10 Free Nokia Asha Applications For 202 / 205 Model

Make your Nokia smart phone a super smart phone with Free Nokia Asha Applications A smart phone is incomplete without its various applications. Recently Nokia Asha mobiles are in great demand due to its stylish look and is available at a lot cheaper rate. Nokia Asha 202 / 205 has a number of Paid and Free Nokia Asha Applications that people can have and download later as per their requirement. WhatsApp Mess ...

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Top 10 Ways To Earn Money From Home

Job market has become so much stagnant that people often get disappointed of not getting a proper job to earn their living. The recent scenario says that if nobody is ready to hire you then you can initiate your own working from home. Often when you have children at home and you are not sure of leaving them alone at home, or if you are too old to be out of home for stretch hours of 8-10 hours then you can d ...

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How To Build Authority Web 2.0 BackLinks Manually?

Link building is one of the most effective techniques when it comes to SEO. People spend a lot of money and time on building high quality links. Getting a genuine backlink from an authority site is not an easy task; I would say it will require a lot of hard work. The other way around to get a link from such authority site is by paying them and the charge is very high that a normal earning person like me can ...

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Three Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

We use SEO techniques to get good website ranking in search engines. Marketers could ensure consistent traffic only by making their official website ranks high in search engine results. We know that SEO is a cost-effective and incredibly simple method; but some website developers could make these common SEO mistakes. Using relevant, but less popular keywords When working with SEO technique, people may misun ...

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New Rumours For LG G3 Smart Phone Hit The Web

For a few months now, it has been quite obvious the attention that the LG G3 Smart Phone is going to be getting from consumers as soon as it is officially announced.  The phone is set to replace the LG G2 that was released last year and became one of the most popular smart phones sold last year.  The LG G2 might have also given LG a new lease on life as they can now compete with companies like Samsung and A ...

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How To Get your Blog Post Indexed Instantly in Google?

Our main motto after writing a blog post is to get it indexed in major search engines like Google, Bing etc. Faster indexing will help in bringing more organic traffic towards your blog. If you are someone who writes 3-4 blog posts a day then the chance of getting your post indexed faster will be lot higher than someone who writes just one article a day or week. So if you belong to the 2nd group of people t ...

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How to Fix Error Deleting File or Folder issue on Windows?

This is one of the most common errors on Windows Operating System. You will mostly find this error “Error Deleting File or Folder” when you try to delete files or folders from your temp folder. You can also experience same kind of error when you try to delete any corrupted file from your system. This error occurs when you delete a file which is already accessed or used by other application or maybe corrupt ...

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WhatsApp for restricted countries – Find and Install WhatsApp Instantly

WhatsApp is one of the best instant messengers used by many across the globe. It was recently acquired by Facebook after its immense success. It has gained lot of interest as this application is user friendly, super fast, ad free and its free to use (first year). After the completion of first year you can extend your subscription by paying a very nominal amount of $0.99 per year. WhatsApp For Restricted Cou ...

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How to Find and Remove Uncirclers from Google Plus Circle?

Circle, Follow, Tweet, Like, Share, Tag etc. are some of the most popular features of social networks like Google+, Twitter and FaceBook. The number of users using these features is increasing every second. Even online marketers, bloggers, media, business owners etc are trying to increase their presence to promote their brand online through social networks. Now even for SEO, a good social presence is must. ...

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Access WhatsApp Without Phone Number – Online Verification Method

In my last article, I have shared a trick wherein you can access WhatsApp on PC using BlueStacks. Using this trick all mobile users can access WhatApps from home through their PC. This trick required a mobile phone for phone verification and thus could access WhatsApp. Today I will share another trick using which you can access WhatsApp without phone number. Yes you heard it right now you can access WhatsAp ...

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