Best Survey Sites 2013 – Top Genuine Online Survey Sites
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Best Survey Sites 2013 – Top Genuine Online Survey Sites

Best Survey Sites 2013 – Top Genuine Online Jobs

The trend of Earning Money Online from Home Without Investment has lately increased a lot. There are lot of ways through which one can Make Money Online. I have already posted a few in here like Online Data Entry Work, Make Money Online by Blogging, Make Money Online by Answering Questions, Earning from Social Networks etc.

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In this article we are going to see some tips in Making Money Online by doing Online Survey. Best Online Survey can be considered as one of the best way to earn some decent money online. Doing Online Survey does not require any specialized skill set and anyone who can read and understand English can do it with ease. As soon as you join any Survey site you will be asked to fill in your details and this will help them to provide you with the right Survey. The Survey that you get will be relevant to your profile so it is must that you put in the right information about you.

best survey sites 2013 300x290Survey that you get will be of certain duration; it can start from 1 minute and can last up to an hour. The pay will totally depend on the duration as well as the Survey topic so it can be like $1 to $200. Yes this is true one can earn up to $200 on a single survey but it is not that easy as it is really difficult to get such offers. Also such offers ideally won’t last long and will be given to someone who has been doing it well and for long.

Many of you might have tried a lot of things online but end up with nothing as there are lot of scams online. So before joining or doing any online work it is always advisable that we do a proper research work. Most of the sites will look genuine but when you actually look at their reviews then you will realize that it’s a scam. So to ease out your work I did some reviews for past couple of days and have come up with a list of Best Survey Sites 2013 which I felt is genuine and is doing this business for long.

These are few of the Best Survey Sites 2013 which are into Best Survey Business for long and has a very good reputation. This ideally means that these Survey Sites are 100% genuine, Scam free and is free to register for all. There are lot of survey sites which has some regional restrictions so I have filtered such sites and have selected the ones which can be worked on by anyone across the world.

List of Best Survey Sites 2013 Online (100% Genuine)

Swagbucks is one of the top and interesting best survey sites online. It does not mean that it pays high instead it keeps its Members busy by providing them with lot of options to earn. It includes online survey, online games, online search etc. Yes it pays for playing games and searching videos and other things through Swagbucks search engine.

Every activity of yours will be credited with some points called Swag Bucks (SB). These points can be redeemed as cash or as gift vouchers of top online merchants. So you will have lot of options to earn as well as spend in this Survey Site. Payment will be done through Paypal.

Note: 700 SB = $5, 1335 SB = $10 etc. Gifts can be redeemed anytime Reward Store depending on the points that you have.

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GlobalTestMarket ranks higher when it comes to global presence and has a huge customer base across the world. This can be considered as one of the secured survey sites online as we can expect at least one survey every day. There are lot of sites which send us survey for a day or two then there won’t be any further update from them but GlobalTestMarket is one of the best. It also pays for referrals. Surveys will be sent to your Email ID and the payment will be done by check. It ideally takes 8-10 weeks for us to get the check depending on our location.

Note: Minimum Payout is $50.

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This is another survey site which is popular for its surveys on interesting stuffs. So the surveys will be fun but the pay is pretty less compared to its peers. This does not mean that one can’t make a lot of money instead here one can make more money as each survey will take less time.

The only problem with this site is that we won’t get any notifications instead we will have to log in to the site to look at our surveys. It also pays for referral and one can make decent money through referral. Payment will be done through Paypal.

Note: Redemption Amount: £40

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Toluna is a must try Survey site for all online survey seekers. Toluna at times send us too many surveys in a day thus helping us make more points. One can also get points through polls; you can also start your own poll and can be rewarded with points. So it has lot of activities thus helping us make a decent amount of points which can be redeemed as gift vouchers. Yes here you can’t earn cash but can get Amazon vouchers for your points.

Note: Each survey pays 3000 to 5000 points. Redemption Point: 80000 points for $15 gift voucher.

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Panelopinion pays a good amount per survey up to $5. There are not many reviews available about this site but what I see from the reviews that I found is that it’s a much effective site and is good. Also at your good time you can earn up to $5 per survey. Mode of payment is Paypal and Check.

Note: Redemption amount = $10 (Paypal or Check)

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These are the few best survey sites 2013 online which are genuine and pay some decent amount. There is many other sites which you can give a try like (Allows Bidding), (Vanson Bourne – Must for IT Professionals), etc. These survey sites might pay less but are dependable and are genuine.

Tips for Online Top Survey Site Jobs

  • Have a dedicated Email address as at times your Email can be spammed with lot of Surveys.
  • Never keep any cash in your account instead try to encash it ASAP.
  • Never keep the gift vouchers with you instead try to use it at the earliest.
  • Never join any paid survey sites.
  • Always refer your friend to reap more cash.
  • If possible keep a track on surveys that you have done on a daily basis.

One can’t depend on these best survey sites 2013 for their living but the amount that you can from such sites can come in handy. So try it out and post in your Experience. Also if you know any better Survey Sites online do let us know.


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