Candy Crush Saga For PC – Download Android Apps on PC Tips
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Candy Crush Saga For PC – Download Android Apps on PC Tips

One of my colleagues at work spends most of his time playing Candy Crush Android Game on his break time. I always used to tease him saying that this game is for kids as I like playing games which has advanced graphics like racing, fighting etc. I like the graphics in Candy Crush as the candies look awesome so I started to give this game a try. That is all this game needs… Try it and get ADDICTED!!!

android gameCandy Crush is one of the top rated games in Google Play store. It is downloaded and played by many across the world. It is one of the tough competitors of highly downloaded games like Temple Run, Subway Surfer etc.

Candy Crush Saga has around 400+ levels and the number increases every 3 weeks. The first thing you will like in this game is its graphics and background music… it is just awesome. Each level will have a certain goal of clearing up the gels, reaching a minimal score in certain moves and bringing the items to the bottom. To make each level interesting there are lot of new items like special candies, obstacles, boosters, charms etc. of which few are free and few can be purchased. Now let us see how to download and play Candy Crush Saga For PC.

Download and Install Candy Crush For PC

One can play Candy Crush on PC logging into FaceBook Account. It has all the features as that of Android App and all the data gets stored in FaceBook. So if you have a PC and Internet Connection at home then you can play this awesome game online from FaceBook.

Facebook Link: Candy Crush on Facebook 

If you don’t have an Android Mobile or Internet connection at home; you can still enjoy this game on your PC. As I have discussed earlier, in order to run any Android App or Game on PC we would require an Emulator. We are going to make use of the same Emulator BlueStacks which we have discussed in our earlier article.

Play Candy Crush on Computer using BlueStacks

You can know about BlueStacks from our earlier article.

Download BlueStacks for Android Games

Follow the steps mentioned in the above article and install BlueStacks on your PC. Once you have BlueStacks then follow these steps to play Candy Crush on PC.

Candy Crush Saga

  1. Run BlueStacks and go to App Search
  2. Find the Candy Crush Saga application in the list and Click on Install. This will download and install Candy Crush on your PC.
  3. Now go to My Apps and you will find Candy Crush Game icon. Just click on the icon to play Candy Crush Saga on PC.

This is very simple and you can use these steps for running other Android Games or Apps too. The main advantage of having these games in PC is that we don’t require internet connection to play them. So now download and play Candy Crush on your PC and get Addicted.

Download Candy Crush Saga: Candy Crush on Play Store

You can also play Candy Crush Saga in their main site

Play Candy Crush Online in Candy Crush on

Try it and post in your experience by commenting.


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