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New Rumours For LG G3 Smart Phone Hit The Web

For a few months now, it has been quite obvious the attention that the LG G3 Smart Phone is going to be getting from consumers as soon as it is officially announced.  The phone is set to replace the LG G2 that was released last year and became one of the most popular smart phones sold last year.  The LG G2 might have also given LG a new lease on life as they can now compete with companies like Samsung and A ...

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Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Tablet Specs Review

The third-gen Kindle tablet comes with Amazon’s own version of Android, and none of the usual Google apps… The Kindle Fire HDX is a seven-inch tablet with a tiny footprint. With a narrow bezel it feels squarer than many other tablets while maintaining the 16:10 ratio of the screen. In short, it feels rather like an iPad mini, albeit without the metal build. The back is soft-touch plastic, adorned by a large ...

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Asus Google Nexus 7 16GB Tablet Specs Review

The Google Nexus 7 provides the Android experience in all its glory, but does it still set the standard for Android tablets? The Asus Nexus 7 is the tablet that helped establish the upper limit for Android tablets. Anything over ÂŁ200 is now deemed expensive, and anything under by even a significant margin can no longer get away with passing off poor build quality and specs under the excuse of an entry-level ...

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Solution For HTC One Camera Problem – Pink Tint Fix

HTC One the flagship smartphone of HTC which got released on February 2013 is still considered as one of the best smartphones available in the market. Its metallic look and amazing features are the prime reason behind its success. HTC One Models which were released at the start had an inbuilt problem with its camera which got fixed in later models. Many are still unaware of this problem; so to help them out ...

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Microsoft Surface 2 Proves Improved Upon Surface RT

Microsoft Surface 2 Proves Improved Upon Surface RT; Microsoft Still Has A Lot to Better Launched at the New York City on 23rd September 2013, The Surface 2 is available in the market since 22nd October 2013. It is obvious that Microsoft has taken a big step with the Surface 2, offering many advantages over the Surface RT. It is now much more polished and comes with a much improved performance. Microsoft Su ...

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New Camera Technologies that Will Change the Tenets of Photography

Clicking pictures has become a passion among the youth. With every passing day, technology is equipping everyone with the latest tools to feed the passion for photography. So if you are keen about what is new on camera technology, this article can offer great insights. Most of the leading manufacturers of cameras, including those that haven't been traditionally strong in the segment, have come up with their ...

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SpareOne – Cellphone runs on a single AA battery lasts 15 years

This amazing cellphone runs in a single AA battery, can last for upto 15 years on standby thus would make a perfect addition to any emergency kit. We are in a world wherein everyone would love to have the greatest smartphone with awesome features. But when it comes to emergency we will be left with a phone which eats up your battery faster. So it would be a better idea to have a emergency phone which can la ...

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Tablet PC Vs. Laptop: Which Etech Unit Should You Prefer?

Etech’s Tablet PC and Laptop are different. These units’ functionality and utility are dissimilar. A few people consider tablets as the best invention after cheese and wine while a few others think that it’s one of technology’s frivolous wastes. Tablets and Laptops might appear similar in many ways; however they are a world apart in reality. These are two Etech devices that are running on different systems. ...

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Do You Plan on Selling Used Laptop? – Check with Online Possibilities

Once you want to get rid of your used laptop, you have several possibilities to get some cash in return. There are many computer users who don't think of these possibilities at all, they simply consider it better to dispose it out there in the landfill, but this is bad for the environment. Instead you can have the used laptop sold for cash while allowing others to repair it and make use of it. Others can si ...

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Laptop Repair – How To Repair A Laptop Online?

These days, laptops have become integrant part of our everyday life. Due to its mobility, this device can be practically carried all over the place. As long as it has its battery fully charged you can make use of it while being the park or in the bus when going to school. The thing is that many transportation means are designed to have your laptop device supplied with power in order to make use of it when t ...

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