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Candy Crush Saga For PC – Download Android Apps on PC Tips

One of my colleagues at work spends most of his time playing Candy Crush Android Game on his break time. I always used to tease him saying that this game is for kids as I like playing games which has advanced graphics like racing, fighting etc. I like the graphics in Candy Crush as the candies look awesome so I started to give this game a try. That is all this game needs... Try it and get ADDICTED!!! Candy ...

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Earn Money Playing Games Online – Top Online Gaming Websites

Internet has become one of the main source to earn money online. There are many across the globe who earn online just by working from home. The main advantage of working from home is the luxury of doing things at the time we need. Also earning online does not require too much of hard work or time. This does not mean that its easy money; it does require some hard work if you need to make more money. So if yo ...

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Animal Game For Android And IOS Devices – Play And Save Animals

As we all know that kids love to play games. Today’s generation of kids do not like to play with the toys but they love to play games on computers, mobiles or on another device like iPad, play Station, Xbox, and Tabs etc. In these electronic  games, there are a huge variety of games available that kids like to play. Most of the baby boys like to play adventurous sort of games. “Animal Dungeon” is a well kno ...

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The Most Fun iPhone Game Right Now

Everyone has time to kill at some point in their lives. The question though, is how will you go about doing it? The iOS ecosystem is rife with great, and not so great, title for the gamer on the go. Here's a run down the App Store's top five paid games. Most Fun iPhone Game Cut the Rope: Time Travel Cut the Rope: Time Travels is the latest iteration of ZeptoLab's hit game, Cut the Rope. Cut the Rope: Time T ...

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Subway Surfers for Android Review

Subway Surfers - DASH DASH DASH!!! Subway Surfers a simple and wonderful game is developed by Kilo games in corporation with Sybase games. It was released in spring of 2012.Theme: This game is based on a theme in which Jake; main default character is making a masterpiece. He was caught by a police man. As soon as the policeman sees him the game starts. The policeman runs to catch Jake and Jake tries to esca ...

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Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2013

It is expected that year 2013 will be the master year for gaming as Sony and Microsoft are coming with next generation consoles. So we can expect a lot of good quality game in this year. It is very difficult to make the list of top 5 anticipated games as the opinion changes person to person also there are lot of games that are really good and is waiting in queue to release.  Some of the games that are sched ...

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Angry Birds an Addictive Game for Gamers

“Gaming an addiction”, yes gaming is an addiction to millions of people who love to play games.  Android based games is an attention to many people, one of those is “Angry Birds”. Angry Birds an Addictive Game Angry Birds was released in year 2009 by Rovio Entertainment Pvt Ltd. for Apple’s iOS and was the 52nd of the company that actually gained success through out the world.  This game became so popular t ...

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Temple Run 2 game for Android Devices

After the success with Temple Run, Imangi Studios is back again with an updated version of Temple Run called Temple Run 2.  The Game play of Temple Run 2 is the same as that of Temple Run but with lot more options or features.  New Features of Temple Run 2 Beautiful Graphics making it more cool Amazing Environments like running through Forest, Zip Lines, Mines etc. thus making it more interesting Lot of obs ...

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5 Best Tower Defense Games of 2012

Tower defense games have always been a popular choice when it comes to free games online but with 2012 now fast becoming a forgotten point in time, we thought that we would give you guys a reminder of the biggest tower defense games you can still play free of charge online. Whether you want to take on evil zombies, pop balloons or try to stop critters from crossing your territory, this top 5 list has someth ...

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Stick Cricket Super Sixes Game: Android Game

Stick Cricket Super Sixes Game Stick Cricket Super Sixes Game is one of the best android Cricket game recently launched by Stick Sports.  The aim of this game is to score maximum runs by playing as many overs as possible using the hit left/right onscreen controllers.  The hardest thing in this game is to face bowler who is a Bowling Machine (Bowlomatic 3000) firing the balls at you. There will be 3 lives in ...

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