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Access WhatsApp Without Phone Number – Online Verification Method

In my last article, I have shared a trick wherein you can access WhatsApp on PC using BlueStacks. Using this trick all mobile users can access WhatApps from home through their PC. This trick required a mobile phone for phone verification and thus could access WhatsApp. Today I will share another trick using which you can access WhatsApp without phone number. Yes you heard it right now you can access WhatsAp ...

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GSA Search Engine Ranker Trial Reset – Extension Trick

GSA Search Engine Ranker is one of the best link building tools available on the market. Most of the online marketers and SEO Expert use this tool for ranking higher in Search Engines like Google, Bing etc. GSA eases out our work by doing mass high quality link building with a click of few buttons. I would suggest you to build Tier 1 back link and then use this tool for building Tier 2 and Tier 3 back links ...

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Clipping Magic an Online Photo Background Remover | Free Online Tool

If you are a blogger or an online marketer; you might be aware of the importance of a photo editing tool. Most of the time you promote your blog or product with the help of an image. Editing an image is a very difficult task which requires specialized skills to work with software like Photoshop, GIMP etc. Even for doing minor editing work like re-sizing an image or removing background; you will require thes ...

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How To Download and Access Wikipedia Offline?

Wikipedia is the world’s largest free encyclopedia supported by Wikimedia Foundation which is a non-profit organisation. It is accessed by billions of people around the globe and is the go to guide for all your queries. Wikipedia has millions of articles in around 287 languages and each page is simple and easy to read. It requires an active internet connection to enjoy all the features of Wikipedia. Today y ...

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Display driver stopped responding and has recovered Error – Fixed

Windows users might have experienced this error many a times. This is the error which made me go crazy for few days and finally I found the solution to fix it. I reformatted my laptop once and re-installed Windows 7; everything went fine and I was really happy to see everything back to normal. My happiness did not last long as all of a sudden my screen started to blink for a while and then this error popped ...

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Trick to Bypass SMS Verification Online For Any Website

The number of websites asking for Mobile SMS Verification has increased a lot. Most popular sites like Facebook, Gmail etc. are also using this verification method while creating an account. Even now there are sites which use Captcha for verification purpose but sooner or later they might be migrating to SMS Verification. Verifications of these types are done just to restrict or block spammers from spamming ...

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Airdroid App Features Review – Now Connect Wirelessly

Airdroid is one of the best Android Application which lets you manage your android mobile from your web browser.  So you can easily access your phone wirelessly using this wonderful application. This doesn't mean that you can connect to your mobile from any computer; rather it would require a system which has WiFi in it. So both the computer and the mobile will be connect through WiFi. These are some of the ...

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Solution For HTC One Camera Problem – Pink Tint Fix

HTC One the flagship smartphone of HTC which got released on February 2013 is still considered as one of the best smartphones available in the market. Its metallic look and amazing features are the prime reason behind its success. HTC One Models which were released at the start had an inbuilt problem with its camera which got fixed in later models. Many are still unaware of this problem; so to help them out ...

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Trick to Hide Mutual Friends on FaceBook – FB Tricks

FaceBook the world’s largest social networking site has gone through lot of updates recently. You can now have an amazing experience with FaceBook without any worry about your privacy. You can find a lot of security options under privacy setting which can help you stay secured. I found many wondering to know the option to Hide Mutual Friends on FaceBook. You can see the snapshot above to see how it does loo ...

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How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed on Android Phones?

Internet has become an integral part of everyone’s life; we spend most of our time browsing or being online than doing any other work. As soon as you get bored you end up being online doing activities like watching feeds on FaceBook, watching online videos in YouTube etc. With the launch of too many cool smart phones; the usage of mobile internet has increased a lot. Mobile Data Service Providers offers lot ...

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