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    Thank you brother, you rock . i was not knowing how to register in ck china but after seeing ur tutor now i think i can make it by myself . Really nice 1 and crazykart india is back in the form crazy kart china .

    So indian ck racers lets re-unite over there . yahoooo!

    1. 1.1

      Michael John

      Yes Even I found Many who would love to Play CK China but they don’t know how to register because of Chinese language.

      So lets share all the Tips and Tricks of Crazy Kart China in here or email it to me so I can post it here 🙂

      Happy Racing!!!

      1. 1.1.1


        how to install ck china


          Michael John

          Go through the tutorial and the snapshot for detailed instruction for downloading and installing CK China.


  2. 2


    chinese name everyone write this : 孫帝象

  3. 3


    use google translate to convert any name – > chinese 🙂 Traditional or simplified no matter 🙂

  4. 4


    bro download is showing it will finish in 15+ days 🙁 .. all had this prob or only me ?

    1. 4.1

      Michael John

      Hello Vineeth,

      Crazykart.exe is ~400mb file and the duration depends upon your internet speed. I downloaded it in parts… I mean whenever I have something urgent I put the download on Hold and so on.

      Try downloading it using a download accelerator or try it in Firefox.


  5. 5


    Thanks Guys, i played the game. Its simply awesome .. Its worth it.

    1. 5.1

      Michael John

      Yes it is… I play it whenever I have some free time… It will be fun when we have our Indian racers join there!!!

  6. 6


    Ah, yes, indeed, it’s fun if Indian racers join there and kick the Ass of chinese players 😛 and I already started inviting many Indian Crazy Kart Racers over there and believe me, many ARE back thx to justclickin Site.

    I still can’t forget the fun, the bitching, politics, back bitting, Leg pulling Fake ids and all those funny Controversies which used to happen on Crazy Kart Forum and, Making people Ban and Mostly the Events . I definitely Missed all that when CK india was closed But Now its Back in the form CK China .

    Yahoo! Baby…!

  7. 7

    Karthik Narang

    Hi MJ ,
    Bro i have downloaded the game and trying to play but when i was playing my first race with a noob chineese its going gr8 but at last when i cleared the race at the end at finish line game got hang and i closed it. i played it again but again that thing is happenin plz MJ bro give me any solution about it.
    Please its my request plz give me any solution plz………………:(
    Thanx in advance…………………

    1. 7.1

      Michael John

      I don’t have any idea about it da… Its not about any missing file.

      It can be a hack used by the noob racer. Can you try it again today and lemme know?


  8. 8

    Karthik Narang

    and which type of processer that game needs???

    1. 8.1

      Michael John

      You can check it here da


      But I don’t know why this happens and why it happens after the completion of the race thats the confusing part 😛


  9. 9

    Karthik Narang

    MJ bro Whats ur operating windows

  10. 10


    I think you must have installed along with .Net framework But Although Not sure what is the issue with the DC.

  11. 11

    Karthik Narang

    ohk thanx raghav but its running right now.
    now topic is this that how to topup in CK China ID
    MJ know smthing then plz Reply…………… 😀

  12. 12


    Bro, Can you write a tutor on how to change the password in Crazy Kart China .
    It will be of Great Help . Thx in Advance .

    1. 12.1

      Michael John

      Yes I will find it and will post it here 🙂

  13. 13

    Karthik Narang

    Raghav bro do you Know how to recharge??????

    1. 13.1

      Michael John

      Hey Karthik,

      I will get that detail for you.


  14. 14



    No, I will ask somebody and will let u know .

  15. 15

    Karthik Narang

    ohk Raghav and MJ plz i need that how to topup plz but i have an website from where i can topup but dnt Know wat to do there if u guyz wanna see that Site then here is link:- http://pay.sdo.com/index.aspx?type=binddeposit

    1. 15.1

      Michael John

      Ok da will confirm it and will let you know

  16. 16

    Karthik Narang

    Bro MJ do u found smthing about TOPUP???????

    1. 16.1

      Michael John

      Hi Karthik,

      I did a lot of testing today… Firstly I doubt whether its possible for someone to top up in CK China as it requires Local Mobile Number for most of the things.

      I even had a word with their Customer Care Exec… Even she is typing everything in Chinese and she cant understand what we are trying to say…

      The Link you have provided is for making transaction through Debit Card, For using our credit card we need to activate the Wallet and for wallet activation we need a local mobile number. So for now we just have to be with what we have.

      If anyone from CK China reads this article then please guide us in recharging our account.


  17. 17

    Karthik Narang

    Bro any solution for chineese mobile

    1. 17.1

      Michael John

      You should know someone from China to help you out.

      Or you should find someone who has already done it to guide you because the language is making it very very confusing.

      For more about the same just message me on realman1732@gmail.com da. As I don’t want this to be stretched in here.

  18. 18


    hi, I downloaded the software and trying to make an ID.
    But in Signup page,,its asking Mobile no. ….
    What to do…?
    i think they have changed the way of signup.
    please see and help ..


    1. 18.1

      Michael John

      You just need to click on the icon on the right which is just below the orange box which will take you to the page that you can see above 🙂

      Try it and let me know if you find any difficulty.



  19. 19


    thanks for the help ,,
    but i still have problem in putting chinese name
    i have tried this “姓名” and others but its showing error,,,
    pls. help

  20. 20


    i hav done the name issue but after completing the signup process.
    this message is coming : “IP registration exceeds the limit in the number of”.
    i hav tried all the ID card no which u hav provided..

    pls reply.


    1. 20.1

      Michael John

      Hmm I don’t know the problem with it… If you want email me the id that you need so i can create it and will give you…



      1. 20.1.1


        “For everyone who Need Chinese ID” . Here you go :-

        Username : raghvndra666
        pass : china123

        username : w700fan
        pass : ihate2race

        This account is for anyone and everyone who wants to play Crazy Kart
        China regardless of whoever they may be, You Guys play in this ID and Please don’t hack the ID as It should help everyone who wants to play
        Crazy Kart China .

        If you wanna ask me anything, feel free to post here, I will be glad to help
        you !:)

  21. 21

    Cabana China


    Hi. Aditya, I’ve a good news for you . I have created Username and Password for you in Crazy Kart China.You may kindly note down your account details .

    username : adityack
    password : aditya123

    When you Sign in, first time it will ask for you to create a Character Name which will be displayed as your game ID. So select the right ID and click on the button as shown on the below picture.


    Have total fun, cyu on ck china and do reply back. Any help if u required don’t forget to ask in here or in our facebook group .


    Note : If anyone wants me to create Crazy Kart China id and password, do reply here. I will create and give you, Cheers .


  22. 22


    Crazy Kart China Website is working properly and Now everyone can register ck china ID,!:)

  23. 23


    how to change pass on ck china can u post the link plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  24. 25


    Hello Guys…..!!!
    Eny 1 Help Me Gift Me A1 Evo Card (:

  25. 26


    Lolz u guys still back of this game?????

  26. 27

    Pulkit Khullar

    i guyz.. m pulkit.. aka flamerocker….

    i will.. b back.. on ck china.. sooon…. lv u mj thanx.. 4 ur tips.. n vsh u a vry happy new year….

    n raghvandra… u tooo brother…. 😉

  27. 28

    Pulkit Khullar

    guyzz… the update is taking a lot f time.. more than a hour… 🙁

    1. 28.1

      Michael John

      Yes thats a huge file so it will take a lot of time in updation.

  28. 29


    Hey Mj,

    when i try to login im facing this error can u help me out?


    Reply ASAP


  29. 30



    Hey Bro. Everyone are facing the same problem Its due to Recent Update .However, the solution for this;

    Go to ur C:\Program Files\Ê¢´óÍøÂç\·è¿ñÈü³µ\data\config

    there you will see a notepad called ‘GameConst’ Configuration setting click that and change SDOA_Login=1 to SDOA_Login=2 and Save it .

    After this, It Will Surely Work . Goodluck !

  30. 31


    hey man how to login i have registered my id but its not working

  31. 32



    Go to ur C:\Program Files\Ê¢´óÍøÂç\·è¿ñÈü³µ\data\config

    there you will see a notepad called ‘GameConst’ Configuration setting click that and change SDOA_Login=1 to SDOA_Login=2 and Save it .

  32. 33


    thx man it works!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 34


    It helped..but one thing..there are too many servers on ck china which is the main server and how to register in that..? any help pls

  34. 35


    Enter first server it will be like Single dash.

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