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Crazy Kart China F1 Zone Entry

Crazy Kart

Come One, Come All.

Many are finding it difficult to Enter F1 Zone in Crazy Kart China, So I’ve decided to help  them all with picture assistance in a step wise manner.

Step 1: Log in into your account using your Crazy Kart China Username and Password then Click on Enter F1 Zone


Step 2: Then click on the very first button


Step 3: Now you can find lot of Races going around and you can join any of the Room Or if you wish to create your own room Click on the Home Button on top right (2nd one)


Step 4: Now to find our Indian Racers and to join them just click on the buddy symbol on the bottom right and see the entire list of racers


Step 5: Join Any Room and START RACING… HAPPY RACING!!!

Some Pictures from Crazy Kart China

crazy kart india

ck china image

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Language is not a bar for any game… It just depends upon the group of people playing it.  So its time for us to join Crazy Kart World and and dominate it… Cheers!!!

This is a Guest Post submitted by Raghavendra!!!


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