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How to find someone invisible or offline on GTalk?

GTalk is one of the most used instant messenger across the internet world. People prefer GTalk as its very easy to use and it occupies less resource of our system. The BEST thing about GTalk is its very fast and it integrates GMail and Orkut contacts in one place.

Recently they have added the invisible feature which is available only to those Members who use Messenger in Orkut and GMail. Members using GTalk Messenger from their desktop can’t avail this feature. Ideally people use this feature when they want to chat with someone in particular and don’t want to get disturbed by others.
In this post we will learn how to find whether someone is invisible or Offline on GTalk.

How To Find Offline Friends in Mobile

Download the application GoTalkMobile (GTalk IM Client) on your handset and install it.

Login to this app using your GTalk login ID and Pass

Once you login you will find the entire list of Friends who are online (Visible and Invisible)

That’s all icon smile

How To Find Offline Friends in Desktop

Open the chat window of the target user  –>  Click on the dropdown arrow button on the top right  –>  Click on “Go off the record”. This option will ensure that whatever you type in the chat window won’t get recorded in yours or your targets GMail ID.


Now send in a message to the target user and if you get a reply back in red text saying “ is offline and can’t receive messages right now”  then it means that the target user is really offline.


But if you don’t get any reply message then it means that your target user is online.

Hope this helps!!!

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