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How can you make money on YouTube?

Youtube Partner 300x168There are too many People who are making a huge amount of money on YouTube and the number has increased a lot in past two years.  Thanks to YouTube Partner Program.

How can you make money on Youtube?

Becoming a YouTube Partner is a difficult challenge which can be achieved if we start doing things the right way.  In this article I will explain the steps to Make Money on YouTube in a very simple way.

Sign-up for your YouTube account

Create your own YouTube account with your correct information.  Make the account name short and interesting.  It will help your visitors remember you, so they need not go to Google to search.  Also, don’t change your account again and again.

Add your videos

Many of us might be questioning what kind of videos can be recorded and uploaded?

  • The answer is simple you can shoot and upload anything, whenever you find something interesting which attracts you and people around you then just shoot it (Ex: You can shoot a baby singing or dancing), use some video tools like Ezvid to make it really cool and then upload it to YouTube.
  • While uploading the video always ensure that the title is relevant to the video uploaded as visitors always go by the title and they might get disappointed if the video is irrelevant.
  • Quality of videos have to be really good as no one will prefer to watch a video which is not clear or of bad quality.  Visitors even get attracted to the quality of video so always upload a better quality video.
  • Keep on uploading videos on a regular basis (at least 2 every week)
  • Try to record videos which can be very useful for others and can bring a lot of visitors

Note: Never upload anything which doesn’t belong to you, if YouTube finds any such video you will be directly kicked from the Partnership Program.  Click HERE to know more about it.

Advertise and attract audience

There are some criteria for becoming YouTube Partner.  You should have:

Minimum 1,000 subscribers
Minimum 10,000 channel views and
Minimum 1,000 views on all videos of yours

In order to meet these criteria you should have enough of visitors and to attract visitor’s advertisement is must.

Now let’s see how can we advertise our videos?

  • We can make use of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter etc. for sharing our videos
  • We can add our video link on blogs or forums which is related to our video along with an appropriate comment so that the readers will be tempted to look into your video
  • You can even share your video on other video sharing sites
  • Add proper keywords and titles so it gets on top during video search

Become a YouTube partner

Once you meet all the criteria provided above, then you can go ahead and apply for YouTube Partner Program

Sign-up for Google Adsense

Once your request for YouTube Partner Program gets approved you can then start monetizing.  So for that you will require a Google Adsense account which can be created from HERE.  You should be above 18 to create an Adsense Account.

You will be paid for every click made by the visitors on the ads displayed on the videos.  So more the visitors more is the chance of making money.

Note: Never promote or ask your friends to click on the ads else you will be banned by Google.

People always make the mistake of directly applying for YouTube Partner at the start itself which ends up in rejection.  So first start following the procedures given above and try to fulfill all the criteria and then try to apply for YouTube Partner.  It will take some time but your hard work will never go waste.

Little bit of Patience and Hard Work can make you really SUCCESSFUL.

Good Luck!!!


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