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How To Choose A Good Blog Name – Tips to Create A Good Blog Title

Blogging is one of the Best ways to Make Money Online.  Many of you think about Blogging but don’t know how to get it started. Creating a Blog is very easy and you can refer to this article for more:-

How to Start a Blog Site?

In the above article you will know that you need to purchase a domain name for starting a Blog. Also selecting a domain name or Blog Name is the difficult part of all; I spent couple of days to decide my Blog Name.

good blog name 300x215A good blog title is must for any blog; Even a Blog with high quality content can go down because of a bad title. There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration when selecting a Blog Title. This article will help you Choose a Good Blog Name.

Factors To Consider While Choosing A Blog Name

Unique Name

Always choose a unique name for your Blog which can be brandable. It is not necessary to include the keywords in title. I have seen a lot of Blogs which has the keywords in the title (For Example: Blogging Tips (, Great Android App ( etc.). People go for keyword filled Titles as it helps in SEO by bringing in lot of traffic but that does not mean that Blogs with Unique Name can’t rank higher.

Both Keyword Filled Titles and Unique Titles have its own advantages and disadvantage and here are few of them.

Advantage of Keyword Filled Titles

  • Main reason is it is good for SEO
  • Visitors can easily know about the Blog

Advantage of Unique Titles

  • Brandable Title
  • Option to select a Title which is easy to remember and is Unique
  • Freedom to write about different topics and are not tied on to a single topic

Disadvantage of Keyword Filled Titles

  • Common Name makes it difficult to remember (There will be different sites with almost same name so the chance of losing a visitor will be high)
  • Difficult to find a title of short length with keywords
  • Lack of Freedom to write on different topics (As the blog will be more keyword oriented)

Disadvantage of Unique Titles

  • Difficult to know about the Blog from the Title
  • Difficult to list on top in Google Search as its Unique and it will take some time before getting listed in Google Search

Suggestion: Always go for .COM rather than any other extension unless you are more regions specific. Also Unique Name is far better than Keyword Specific Name as Blog Name Represents You so go for a Brandable one.

If you still prefer to go for keyword filled title then do a proper research work before selecting any title. Google Adwords Keyword Tools can come in handy for finding the right keyword for your Blog.

Things to consider for keyword filled titles:

  • Search for keyword with high search but low competition
  • Short and Simple keywords which describes your Blog
  • Always go for .COM unless you are regions specific as there will be other Blogs with similar keywords competing for the same.

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Short and Simple

Keep the title short and simple for visitors to remember and even Search Engines prefer this. Title should never exceed 60 characters for a better SEO rank.

Avoid Special Characters

Never go for special character like hyphen as it is very difficult to remember and visitors might end up landing on some other website

Avoid Using Numbers

I have seen many using numbers instead of text (Ex. 4u instead of for you, 1 instead of i etc). This creates confusion and makes it difficult to remember

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Additional Tips For Naming a Blog

  • Find a name which stands out from its Peers
  • Make it more concise than generic
  • Always go for short names rather than lengthy ones and .COM should be preferred
  • Funny Titles can be more catchy so you can try it
  • Avoid keywords as much as possible

Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Blog

What is the blog about?

What are the names of the Blogs run by your competitors which ranks higher?

Who are the target visitors? (E.g. If its kids then we need something funny, if tech geeks then something Techy will be good and so on)

The best thing to do is to go through Blogs which are related to yours and see how they are soo successful. The more time you spend on reviewing others work the more you learn from them. So first spend most of your time in learning it and then start implementing it.

I hope this article will help many in finding the right title for their Blog. Post in your comments if something has to be added to this list. Also share it if you find this article useful.


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