9 Important Things You Need To Create A Successful Blog From Scratch
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9 Important Things You Need To Create A Successful Blog From Scratch

Can you create a successful blog from scratch? You might think that it is very difficult to do, and it might be very time consuming. But, bear with me, as I will tell you a good way to start a successful blog from scratch. The secret is to have the necessary things prepared from the start. These things will become a strong foundation for your blog, which will guarantee success. Here are 9 important things that you will need in order to Create a Successful Blog From Scratch:

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1. A Hungry Niche

The easiest way to earn money from your blog quickly is by entering a hungry niche market in which the audience is already craving to buy any product that is thrown at them. The best niche that you should enter is a niche related to a hobby which has passionate audience in place. When you choose the right niche, making money from your blog will be easy.

2. Lots Of Products To Promote

Make sure that there are many products to promote in your niche. Ideally, it is better for you to promote physical products and digital products interchangeably. This will increase your chance to earn more from your blog. Since the audience is passionate, it shouldn’t be difficult for your to promote those products to your blog audience.

3. A Catchy Blog Name

Your blog name should be catchy and it should give an impression of trust for your readers. You should choose short blog name with no more than two words. In this way, you can make your blog to become popular quickly within your niche. A catchy name is better because it will make your audience to remember your blog name easily.

4. Good Blog Template

Of course, your blog needs to appear professional to your readers. For this purpose, you need to use premium blog template. The $75 upfront investment for a good blog template is recommended for the best result in your blogging business. Well, you can use free template if you don’t want to invest on a good premium template, but be sure to choose the best free template that you can find. And also, make sure that your blog template is optimized for the search engine.

5. Regular Content

Post at least one article to your blog every day. Regular content will help your to attract loyal readers to your blog. So, prepare your content properly and do not lose your discipline in publishing one article per day. Also, be sure to make your content keyword -oriented as it will help you to grab a good spot on the search engine quickly.

6. Regular Product Promotion

Without regular product promotion, you can’t make money from your blog. Since there are many products to promote in your niche, you can write a regular product promotion every week. It is a good idea for you to write product review or top product recommendation regularly. This will increase the odd for people to trust your product recommendation.

7. A YouTube Account

A good blog should have its own channel on YouTube. You know, YouTube is the most widely-used video sharing website on the internet today, and there are millions of people using YouTube every day. You have to build a channel on YouTube in order to expand your promotion effort.

8. Regular Video For YouTube

Of course, having a channel on YouTube is not enough. You need to publish regular video on your YouTube channel in order to attract more viewers. So, you need to post at least two videos on your YouTube channel every week. Be sure to optimize your video for the best keywords. Also, one of your videos need to be product-related (such as review, unboxing, etc).

9. Determination

Now, if you have all those things, I’m sure that in the short amount of time, you will not fail to earn good money from your blog. One thing that you need to have is determination. Without the determination to keep following your plan, you won’t be able to achieve success in blogging.

Those are 9 things that you need to have in order to build a successful blog from scratch. While it is true that successful blog is not built in a day, it is also true that you can build one fairly quickly. Follow these tips to make it happen.


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  • Ganesh Moorthy

    Thanks for posting such a superb article, it was so helpful and inspiring as well..

  • yangding

    NIce post.And I can not agree more with you,especially for the first one.A huge niche with people ready to buy.And the niche you definitely should enter into is that related to your hobby.As a saying goes.Interest is the best teacher.Hobby pushes you go along,makes your go ahead when you feel desperate.

    • Michael John

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I do agree with what you say but I have mentioned below that select a niche about which you can write for hours. The reason is… high paying niche will have tough competition and that’s the reason we look for something about which you can write for hours.


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