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How to enable 3G on iPad 2?

enable 3g on ipad 2 204x300โ€œHow to enable 3G on iPad 2?โ€ this is the question which I have been asked by our members for the past few days.ย  So if you own an iPad 2 and wondering how to enable 3G in it then you are at the right place.

Enable 3G on iPad 2

  1. Activate 3G on your device and select one of the 3G plans which suit your need.
    Airtel 3G Plans
    Vodafone 3G Plans
  2. After activation go to โ€œSettingsโ€ menu on your iPad 2 Home Screen
  3. Click on โ€œCellular Dataโ€ menu and ensure that โ€œCellular Dataโ€ button is kept ON
  4. Now click on โ€œAPN Settingsโ€ option under โ€œCellular Dataโ€ menu
  5. Then fill in the detail under APN Field:
    Vodafone: www
    For other networks you can get in touch with the customer service team and get this detail
  6. Keep the Username and Password field blank and restart your iPad 2

Thatโ€™s allโ€ฆ Now enjoy 3G speed on your Apple iPad 2!!!

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