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Hey Friends, I am Michael John a Web Designer/Developer and a Blogger from Mumbai, India. I have done my graduation (B.Sc) from Mumbai University and am currently working as a Manager with JPMorgan. I am also the CEO of Justclickin haha. Justclickin will be handy if you are looking for Useful Updates on Softwares, Games, Gadgets, Web Development, Web Tips and Tricks. You can contact me on mj@justclickin.com or Google+. Thanks!!!

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    Hi MJ,

    I want to share my little problem and need ur advice..

    i was using adssene on my site articleark.com an article directory. it was getting around 2k visitors. i placed adsense but my mistake i placed i such a way that it violated google adsnese policies.

    i re-applied and rejected application from google. i applied same address, domain and from same laptop..

    can approve adsense account on different domain by changing my laptop..i heard from friend that there is mac address issue and device alos get black listed by google..

    Please help in this regard. Thanks!

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      Michael John

      Hi Ali,G
      Really sorry to hear that you Adsense account is blocked. This is important that we follow the rules and never violate as Google is pretty strict. I would say you reapply and provide the proper reason for it getting banned and what action you have taken to correct your mistake. Google might consider it but if not then its really difficult.

      Google do track IP but your Domain is already in their list so even if you change your IP or anything they can still track you.

      Good Luck for your try and hope it goes well


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