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How To Make Money Online By Blogging?

Do you want to become rich just by sitting in front of your laptop? Have you ever thought of never having to go to office again and spend your life in a monotonous way, just working? Well to your ultimate surprise and delight, it is POSSIBLE. Not just possible, many people out there are in fact doing exactly that. Have you heard of digital nomads? Of guys who have no permanent home, just a laptop and internet connection, and they can work from anywhere around the world. Still they have huge number of followers and have income of their own. Many of them work very less and still are able to earn huge sums of money. Excited? Want to live a life of a digital nomad and earn money online while you’re travelling the world? Then this article is only for you. You must be knowing about Blogs.

Blogs are those personal sites on the Internet where you can write anything you feel like and show it to the world. Those who are interested, will read your stuff and comment their views on what you have written and what they think of it. This can bring up interesting discussions on your Blog, which are bound to attract more and more visitors, increasing your fan-following. One more thing most Bloggers do to reach their readers more often and closely is by offering a subscription to send regular mails, so that users can remain updated about the content on the Blog always, and never miss a post. So, you wish to start a Blog right? Let’s see the steps involved in making a popular and revenue generating Blog. The first step is to of course decide what your Blog is going to be about? Think about what is the most interesting topic you can write about, better be something you really wish to write about, and will always have plenty to. Try to find something that will drive more and more visitors to your Blog and help you have as many readers as possible. It is the number of visitors that you have on your Blog that will decide the money it will generate.

Now the next question each one of us might have is How to create a Blog site? Is creating a Blog site easy? Yes it is and things these days are all ready made. We have everything ready and the only thing that we need to do is to choose the best one for our Blog. I have already written an article on this before which you can check here… How to create a Blog Site?

How to start a Blog for free? 

If you don’t have money to spend on Blog then you always have an option. You can go for Blogger which is run by Google and it’s completely free. There are many other networks which offer this facility; you can find them here – Start a Blog for Free

How to Earn Money from Blog?

earn online from blogOnce you have your Blog ready with some excellent quality article then you are all set to Make Money Online. There are many ways to make money online from Blogs and we always look for something wherein the income is good and consistent. Here are the ways to Make Money Online by Blogging

Google Adsense: Google Adsense is one of the Best CPC program Online. It’s called the best as the amount they pay is very high compared to its Peers. Here the pay depends on the number of click the Ad gets. So the Blog with more visitors will tend to make more money. To apply for Google Adsense Program your Blog should have atleast 20-30 high quality original content.

Chitika: Chitika is like Adsense wherein you get paid depending on the no. of clicks you get on Ads. The pay you get per click is quite low compared to Adsense unless you are a Gold Member. Chitika is not that strict so it’s very easy to get approved and it suits well for small Blogs.

Social Spark: Social Spark is an Ad network which pays for Blog Post and Banner Ads. Getting approved is very easy and it pays a lot on Blog posts. You can check this article to know more on Social Spark – Ways to Earn from Social Spark

Guest Post: If you own a Blog with good Page Rank and Traffic then you can earn a lot from Guest Posting. Other Bloggers try to put in their website link on ours so they provide us with the content along with the link and we can charge them for each article.

Banner Ads: There are lot of clients who look for websites to promote their product or sites and when they find a site which suits their requirement then they come up with some good offers. So you can charge such clients for putting in their site’s banner on our Blog.

Affiliate Marketing: Many Bloggers earn a lot of money through Affiliate Marketing. There are lot of companies which pays commission for every sale that you make for them. So ideally we just need to select the right product for our Blog and promote them. Commission Junction and Amazon are the best when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.

As you can see there are lot of ways through which one can earn online from Blog. In my personal experience I would say Blogging is the best and most secured way to earn money online.


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  • Ali

    Hi MJ,

    I want to share my little problem and need ur advice..

    i was using adssene on my site an article directory. it was getting around 2k visitors. i placed adsense but my mistake i placed i such a way that it violated google adsnese policies.

    i re-applied and rejected application from google. i applied same address, domain and from same laptop..

    can approve adsense account on different domain by changing my laptop..i heard from friend that there is mac address issue and device alos get black listed by google..

    Please help in this regard. Thanks!

    • Michael John

      Hi Ali,G
      Really sorry to hear that you Adsense account is blocked. This is important that we follow the rules and never violate as Google is pretty strict. I would say you reapply and provide the proper reason for it getting banned and what action you have taken to correct your mistake. Google might consider it but if not then its really difficult.

      Google do track IP but your Domain is already in their list so even if you change your IP or anything they can still track you.

      Good Luck for your try and hope it goes well


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