How to protect your Facebook Account from Hackers?
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How to protect your Facebook Account from Hackers?

Facebook connects over 500 million people in over 210 countries; its global population exceeds the size of most European countries, and counts among its member’s citizens from every single continent in the world. Facebook has a ton to offer people, and with a little bit of common sense you can stay safe and secure.  Here are some smart ways using which you can protect your account from hackers:

How to Protect Your Facebook Account?

Facebook protection1. Using Good Password

You are the first line of defense in protecting your account.  A password is considered good if:

  • You change it regularly.
  • It is at least of eight characters.
  • At least it has one special character.

2. Logout After Accessing Your Account

Many people think that if they close the web page or exit the browser their account will be logged out from Facebook but it doesn’t. The next person who goes to on that computer will find themselves already logged in—to your account. Thus, logging out is crucial when you’re accessing Facebook away from home.

3. Avoiding Gaming Scams

If you are an online gamer, you have to be careful not to fall for gaming scams. Many phishing scams pretend to come from popular gaming sites. The common scams offer prizes like free virtual objects.

4. Browse Securely

Its must that you use Secure browsing option to use Facebook safely on public hot spots. To enable https:

  • Go to the ACCOUNT SECURITY section of your Facebook
  • Click on SECURITY at left
  • ENABLE secure browsing.

This allows you to browse your Facebook account securely.

5. Enable Notifications

Enabling notifications notifies you every activity. You can enable notifications by:

  • Going to the ACCOUNT SECURITY section
  • Click on SECURITY at the left
  • ENABLE login notifications

6. Using One Time Password

Its always risky to access Facebook account from a PC which you don’t own, so this option will be very handy.  To make use of one-time password feature, you will have to get your mobile number verified with Facebook.  Now whenever you access your Facebook account just send a text message “otp” (One Time Password) to the number 32665.  You will get a text message from Facebook with the temporary password which can be used for accessing your account.  The good thing is that this password works just once and it should be used within 20 minutes.  So we don’t have to worry about this password getting stolen by someone.

7. Monitoring Account Activity

When you access your account, Facebook recognizes your computer or cell phone.  So we can get to know all our Login access details from Facebook.  This can help us in tracking our Account activity in Facebook.

Make sure you have your cell phone and go to the ACCOUNT SETTINGS -> ACCOUNT SECURITY to configure. Once you configure these settings, next time when you Login from a different computer a text message will be sent to your phone with the approval code.

Many of us share our personal information in Facebook so if our account gets hacked then the hackers will be able to access all our personal information and can misuse it.  So it is always better to keep everything secured and these steps helps in protecting our account.  If you know any other precaution measures then post it in the comment section.


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