How to Search Image Using Image in Google?
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How to Search Image Using Image in Google?

Google plays a very important role for all of us to search any content on the web. Most of us perform same type of searching (Text Search) on Google for searching any content, where we type the text related to the content to be searched and get the results. This is quite an easy mechanism for searching any content through Google. Google search is not only limited up to text based search but it also offers some other interesting searching techniques. Here we are going to discuss how you can search image using image in Google?

Two ways to search image using image

Search by Image URL

If you want to perform your search by image URL, then first you need to go to Google Images address that allows you to search by image as shown in below screen shot.

Google 300x203


Now you should have an image that you want to search on the web to perform your searching. Here I am taking one of the images of below given webpage as an example to perform the search.

google search 300x231


Now you need to copy the URL of the image to be searched on the web to perform your search. For this purpose right click on the image and select the properties option from the list as given below…

google image search 300x227


Now you will get all the relevant details about the image and from there you can copy the URL of the image as shown in the figure below.

search 300x196


Now again visit your Google page to perform your search. On the Google page click on the camera button provided as shown below

find image 300x124


Now you just paste your copied URL in the text bar to search the image as shown in the figure above. After you paste your URL just click the Search By Image button to perform your search. As soon as you click on Search by image button you will be getting your search results as given below.

image finder 300x174


So friends you can see that when you want to search by image URL, you can do that very easily after following a few steps.

Search Image by Uploading Image

Now we have come to the next task where we want to search image by uploading an image. So it is again going to be very easy. When you click on the camera button provided on your Google page you also get an option to upload your image. Just click on that option and you will be finding the option to browse the image and upload it.

search for an image 300x139


Now click on that browse option and select any of your image to upload. As soon as you will select an image to upload it will be uploaded in few seconds and then Google will ask you to give a description for your image as shown in the figure given below.

tool to search image 300x210


Just provide some description to your image to search it in the future with the same description. So friends you can see that both the searching and uploading images on the web does not require any additional effort. I hope that this article will help many in using Google in a more effective way.

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  • Vijesh

    Nice share John,
    Especially the second trick where we can use the camera tool to upload an image and search. Really helpful article…

    • Michael John

      Yes this is very handy… Even I came to know about this when I wanted to recognize a picture which I had in my system… I uploaded it and then I came to know about that personality :)
      It can help us in many ways… Excellent tool from Google :)


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