Solution For HTC One Camera Problem โ€“ Pink Tint Fix
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Solution For HTC One Camera Problem โ€“ Pink Tint Fix

HTC One the flagship smartphone of HTC which got released on February 2013 is still considered as one of the best smartphones available in the market. Its metallic look and amazing features are the prime reason behind its success. HTC One Models which were released at the start had an inbuilt problem with its camera which got fixed in later models. Many are still unaware of this problem; so to help them out I have come up with an article which will help them find HTC One Camera Problem along with its fix or HTC One Pink Tint Fix.

I have been using HTC One since May 2013 and I should say it is one of the best smartphone ever. I was not aware of this problem with HTC One till October. I used to find pink tints on pictures which were captured in dark and pictures which were shot outdoors looked amazing. Since I donโ€™t take pictures much at home I used to ignore this problem thinking as if itโ€™s caused due to low light. I finally came to know about it when I was looking for faults or drawbacks with HTC One.

How to Find HTC One Mobile with Pink Tints

If you are someone who has been using HTC One for long and is here to know whether your smartphone has this pink tint issue or not then follow this simple step.

Switch on the camera and place the mobile on top of a table. If you see a pink screen then this confirms that your HTC One Mobile has the camera problem. If the screen is completely black then you are one of the lucky guys to get a problem free HTC One Mobile.

Mobile with Pink Tint

htc pink tint 300x155

Mobile without Pink Tint

htc one camera problem fixed 300x169

HTC One Pink Tint Fix

So if you hold an HTC One Mobile with Camera Problem then you might be here to find a fix for it. This is what I did and you can do the same too:

HTC One Setting 169x300Open your HTC One Camera and then Go to ISO Setting and change it from Auto -> 100. You can see the snap above showing the same. That is all; this setting did the trick for me and this should work for most of you. If this setting ain’t work for you then you are left with no other option than to visit your nearby HTC Service Center.

Since this is an inbuilt problem from HTC; they have taken the whole and sole responsibility to fix it. If you are from North America, EMEA or APAC then you can exchange this mobile for a brand new one. But if you are located in India then you donโ€™t have the leverage to replace it instead HTC will fix your Mobile camera problem for free.

All you need is to visit a HTC One service center nearby your area and surrender your mobile. It ideally takes 7-10 days max for it to get fixed and return back to you. It is a 40k+ mobile so it is better we fix this problem at the start instead of waiting for it till the very end.

HTC Service Centres in India: Click Here

I would recommend you to take some snaps of your handset before surrendering your mobile. This is just to stay in a safer side as I have seen customers complaining about scratches after getting the camera repaired. So you can always fight back if you have some scratch free pictures of your mobile.

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Comments (12)

  • Alabhya

    Thanks for the info. Can you tell me where you got it repaired? Which city and which service center? I’m a little apprehensive about giving my phone to any center as such.

    • Michael John

      Hi Alabhya,
      I am from Mumbai and we have a service center near Andheri Station; so I got it repaired from there. Before you go for it do try the small tweak that I have mentioned in the post if it works then its cool. If you go for servicing your mobile will be opening which does show some dent on the phone.

  • Prashant Thakur

    Hi John,
    Could you please tell me how long have you been using your phone after getting its camera fixed. I mean the tint issue didn’t come again?

  • Harish

    Hi Michel,

    I have decided to buy a new HTC One.
    Can you please confirm that, the new HTC One’s not have this issue?

    Thanking You,

    • Michael John

      Hi Harish,
      If you are planning to go for HTC One then go for the model which got released recently… Maybe you can go for dual SIM.

      • Harish

        Thanking you for the reply.
        Here in Dubai, I think I will get a recently released HTC One (M7)
        and not interested in dual sim model

        • Michael John

          Then it is cool you can go for it.
          You can check it if you want… Just switch on the camera and place the mobile on a table… If the screen is completely black then the camera is perfect and if it looks pinkish then there is a problem with it.
          Hope this helps

  • sonu

    hi michael, i purchased htc1 from dubai & didnt check it whn was there.. after coming back to india i opened the sealed packed box and started to use it.. but i was shock by seeing pinkish dots in pictures .. then i called up the customer care of india to get rid of this problem but they refused to give me service in india as it has been purchased from outside of india.. now, i am very tensed plz help me out what should i do????

    • Michael John

      Ok check whether it is the same pink tint issue… Switch on your camera and place it on top of the table… If the screen color is pinkish then there is a prob with it and if it is black then your phone is fine. Try the small tweak in this article if it still doesn’t work then try to visit the customer care center nearby your area. They should assist you irrespective of where you got the phone from. In other countries they just replace the phone for free but in India we are getting it serviced which is really weird.

  • arun

    Hi Mr.john
    I like to appreciate your activity of helping others with your knowledge..

    N I’m here to say that I too have exactly same camera problem n with that I’ve this crap SIM card error in my sprint HTC one single SIM phone.. but the main problem is this phone was imported from US from some dealer who gave me 25% discount.. I only opened the newly packed box..this phone is rooted since I dint get a bill nor anything related to it’s purchase.
    Can u plz suggest me what shall I do too solve my prob.
    Note:I’m still in contact with that dealer.

    Thank u.

    • Michael John

      Hi Arun,
      You are not in a safe zone as you don’t have any warranty. Did you check whether your phone has the camera issue? as per my knowledge new models don’t have this problem. Only the models which were released at the start had this issue. If the phone has this problem then try the small tweak which is specified in the article if it still doesn’t work then the camera has to be changed. I got mine changed from service center in Andheri, Mumbai.
      Good Luck


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