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iWatchz Q Series Watchband for 6th generation iPod Nano

Carry your iPod Nano more comfortably and securely. Apple has launched iWatchz Q Series Watchband for 6th generation iPod Nano. This watchband turns your iPod Nano into a smart, stylish wrist watch.  It provides a unique patent-pending system and it uses the clip present in 6th-generation iPod Nano to lock it securely on your wrist.

After locking your iPod into this watchband, you turn your iPod Nano into wrist watch in three simple steps

  • Press
  • Slide
  • Click

iWatchz Q Series Watchband

iWatchz Q Series Watchband

This simple as well as elegant watchband does not comprise of complicated assembly or rubber housing.

You can use all features of your iPod Nano i.e. you can change the wallpaper for home screen of iPod. In addition to this you may also change the background of the watch according to your wish.  Dimension of this watchband is 9.75 x 1.5 x 0.25 and it weights 1 ounce.

Material used to build this watchband is premium silicon and stainless steel. It displays iPod Nano with no obstructions to the multi-touch face. Earphone jack of this watchband is fully accessible as always and is positioned on the left side. Also the Dock connector can be accessed completely for charging or for connecting a wireless Bluetooth adapter.

This awesome device is rated 4 out of 5 by most of the reviewers.

Source: Apple Store


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  • Raghavendra

    It Seems to be verry costly I prefer LCD Watch which i buyed it from Delhi Palika Bazaar. Its like 3rd year but still its working :)


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