Market Samurai Crack: Best Keyword Tool Now Free
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Market Samurai Crack: Best Keyword Tool Now Free

Market Samurai The Best Keyword Tool Cracked

Market Samurai is undoubtedly one of the best keyword tool available in the market. It is a paid tool which offers trial version for testing purpose. One can have a licensed version of this awesome tool at a price of $149. We have already discussed about Market Samurai and its awesome features in our Earlier Post.

In this post we are going to learn a simple trick. This trick will extend the Trial Period of Market Samurai from 7 days to 40 days. So this is not basically a crack but a trick to extend the trial period.

Market Samurai Free: Trial Version Forever

This trick requires a small process to be followed. You can follow the steps below to crack Market Samurai.

  • Step 1 : Get your 7 days Trial Version of Market Samurai from HERE and Install it.
  • Step 2 : Download Revo Uninstaller from HERE. Uninstall the 7 days Trial Version of Market Samurai using this application. Revo Uninstaller is used to remove application and all its traces  from our system.

Revo Uninstaller 300x214

  • Step 3 : Now click HERE and get your 40 days Trial Version of Market Samurai the best keyword tool.

Market Samurai Crack 300x241

  • Step 4 : After the completion of 40 days again start with Step 2. Thus we can enjoy the Trial Version of Market Samurai Forever.

If you can’t afford $149 then you can use this trick to use the Trial Version of Market Samurai Forever. So we can call this method as Market Samurai Crack!!!

I have TESTED it and everything is working fine.  So try the trick to have Market Samurai for Free. If you still face problem with the above process then do contact me through contact form. So I can assist you with the same.

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Comments (31)

  • joel

    your method didn’t work

    • Michael John

      Did you use the same email id?

      Coz we have to use the id which we used during registration for availing the 40 days trial.

      Or if you still face any difficulty you can try using a new email id wherein you will get 11 days trial period.

      If you still find any difficulty you can reply back and i will try to help you as much as I can :)


  • JIN

    What about up MAC users??? how do we have a trail forever ???

  • Michael John

    Hi Bro,

    Try downloading Revo Uninstaller for Mac ( and try out the above steps…

    If you find any more difficultly just contact me on


  • JIN

    @Michael John Thanks dude you rock :) p.s time to make some hard cash online :)

  • JIN

    @Michael John Revo Uninstaller doesn’t exist for MAC :( its a windows application… i need to find a Mac alternative..

  • Michael John

    Hmm yes it seem to be compatible only with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server (

    Will have to find a way out for MAC then…


  • Praveen Jayachandran

    Hello Michael,

    I’m not sure how to implement this.

    I had a 12-day trial version of Market Samurai.

    I installed ‘Revo Uninstaller’ and uninstalled Market Samurai while the trial period WAS ACTIVE (I uninstalled Market Samurai before the initial trial period ended).

    When I uninstalled Market Samurai, Revo Uninstaller asked for these options.

    1. Built-In
    2. Safe
    3. Moderate
    4. Advanced

    By default, ‘Moderate’ was selected. So, I uninstalled using ‘Moderate’. Which uninstall option should we use??

    Once it was uninstalled, I went to the trial extension page and entered the same Name & email id (which I used during the initial setup).

    I received an email from Market Samurai with a download link and a trial license. I downloaded Market Samurai thru that link and now the trial period has reduced to 7 days. It did not ask for any trial license this time.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Also, the trial extension page is giving a message that the ‘trial period can be extended only once’. If this is the case, how can we keep extending the trial multiple times?


    • Michael John

      Hello Pravin,

      You should select Advanced as it will remove all the trace of MS from your system.

      Extension will work only once in one id… So when you are done using it just create a dummy id just for MS and then use the trick.
      Creating one ID to save $129 is not a big deal :D
      Lemme know if you need more help in it…


      • sinister


        You should say all these things before. I hope in a hurry you forgot to tell us these things. Even I tried the advanced mode for uninstalling and tried installing with 40 day trial key but it got installed to original 12 day trial thing with my left-over 11 days with an error. Why don’t you provide more clarity with step by step guide.

        • Michael John


          This feature was working perfectly but there seem to be some update or modification in Market Samurai which is not providing this feature anymore. After few comments I have tried to find it myself and I faced similar issue so now trying to find another way out. Will update more about it soon.

          Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • rahasia minisite

    wow..whatta awesome and simple trick to do..thanks for inspiration
    you are ROCK..

  • Steve

    Didn’t work for me unfortunately. I followed very step. When I re-installed, I still had the 12 day trial I started with. Ill wait and see when it expires and i’ll try this again.

  • Ryan

    I follow all the instruction given above, but still I got a problem. “Your Trial Has Expired”
    Thanks for the reply

    • Michael John

      Hi Ryan,

      The main thing is to remove all its trace from the system after the expiry else it won’t let you in… So after removing all its trace try to follow the 2nd step… I have rec’d emails from few members about the same… I will test it again to find any changes in MS and will update the same in here :)


  • Mike

    What to choose for the uninstallation?

    built in





    million thanks


  • mansur

    Thanks Bro…
    Great Information and thank you for sharing it.

  • Scrap the right-click disable!

    Nice info here but wtf, dude you’ve got to get rid of the right-click disable! Are people still doing this? SMH. This is just bad for usability not to mention annoying. I typically work with a lot of tabs, right clicking and opening links in new tabs. What you are doing here is basically saying to your users, I don’t trust you so I will override a key usability function that is native to your operating system! How can you expect your visitors/fans to trust you if this is what you serve up?

    Anyway as I said, you’ve still provided some nice info here, so that’s a plus.


    • Michael John

      Hmmm I didn’t have this option before but I found data getting copied which then had to be taken off by getting in touch with the Website Admin. Its not about trust, things am sharing in here are just for the visitors and I do understand your point. I am disabling this option again, no worries if someone copy the content as I do know the steps to take it down :)

      Thanks for your honest opinion and suggestion.


      • TheRogueSkolar

        First of all I’ve got give you props for taking a proactive approach. Today you’ve gained a new fan my friend :-).

        Regarding spammers scraping content SMH! I thought this might have been a reason for the right click disable. I get content scraped left right and center too. This is the stuff that happens when people are too lazy to create their own content, (sigh). We are all facing this my friend, but it’s better not to punish our readers and fans. Unfortunately it takes time to chase content thieves and it’s largely a reactive activity. I’m sure you know how to file DMCAs and report to google and that stuff. Usually in my case if the scrapers are no where to be seen in SERPS I usually don’t bother with these low lifes but if they are stealing traffic and monetizing off content that is mine, then I’ve got no option but to chase them down.

        But like I said, you’ve got some nice tips, tricks and content here. I’ll be hanging round :-)

        Big props.

  • wifi thermostat

    Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post.
    Many thanks for providing these details.

  • muhammed

    i am gonna bookmark this page and i will give a try. I definitely want to use market samurai..

    thanks a lot..

  • Kevin Hicks

    Thanks for the great tip! Exrtemely useful shot.

  • Ludo

    When applying for your Extention period, the website states that you have to use the same email address, I changed my email address and it works for 40days!!


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