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Play Cricket Online Game and Win Money

play and win money

Many of us always Google to find ways to Earn Money online and there is nothing better than to make some Money just by Playing the Game of Cricket.  This doesn’t mean that everyone will make money by playing this game but if you are lucky then you will win some Money for sure.  Now let’s see more about this Game.

We have heard about many Fantasy Games like Super Selector, Fantasy Cricket Dream 11 etc. wherein we select a team and the teams with maximum points win the Game.  The game I am going to write about is also of the same type wherein we select a Team of Players but the way in which a winner will be selected is totally different.

Play Cricket Online Game and Win Money


Go to and Create an Account.

How to Play:

  • Login using your Account and Select the Tournament for Ex. New Zealand V Sri Lanka
  • Select the your Fantasy Team Everyday (You have to select your teams before the deadline specified)
  • You will have to select a team of 11 Main Players and 3 Substitutes
  • In Batting Category: Keep your Batsmen on Top (It’s advisable to keep best strikers on top)
  • In Bowling Category: Keep your Best Bowlers on Top (For ODI’s your bowlers should complete 50 overs and in T20 they should complete 20 overs. Penalty of 7 per over in ODI and 12 per over in T20 will be added if the bowlers ain’t complete their allotted overs)
  • Your Batting Team should always defeat your Bowling Team and the Team with Best Net Run Rate will be selected as the Winner.
  • You can use the substitutes after the end of the Match to get a better Net Run Rate.
  • That’s all now click on Submit and watch your Team perform in Live Match.

Play Cricket Online Game and Win Money

Format and Prize

Click here to check the Prize ( (For New Zealand Vs Sri Lanka Series and it varies with Series)

As you can see you can win Daily Prize, League Prize and Tournament Prize.

Play Cricket Online Game

So select your Fantasy Team and Cheer for your Players!!!

Justclickin will soon announce a Cricket Fantasy Event for all our Members so subscribe us and stay updated.


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Comments (5)

  • Gireesh

    I have tried this dude.. doesnt seem to work .. only winners walk away with money . these are all methods to make ppl follow cricket dude

    • Michael John

      Agreed… It is created to make people follow cricket… As i said we can win only if we are lucky enough… But we will have our own events and will gift members who comes on top within our group :)

  • Raghavendra


    Are you a little dim witted? Read the article properly . the author have just written
    winners walk away with prize and if they start giving prizes for everyone who play
    cricket, as u expect then the cricket website owner will come to platform then!

    Its a game for cricket lovers, and if u are smart enough to be on top, u get money as simple
    as that and I am gonna play it for entertainment and winning money is secondary for me.

  • harpreet singh

    how does this works

    • Michael John

      Select a team of 11 and split it into two batting and bowling teams. In bowling team keep all your bowlers on top and in your batting team keep all your best strikers on top. The idea behind this game is your batting score should be higher than the runs given by your bowler.

      More details can be seen in that website itself.



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