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Speed up your computer using SuperRam

Whenever we run multiple programs at a time we always find our computer running very slow.  This is due to RAM running out of usable space, that’s the reason we hear people say a system with higher RAM will have a good speed.

Let me elaborate this in detail… Whenever our computer memory gets lower, Windows will start opening the new programs in Windows page file (computer’s hard drive) which is much slower than RAM.  So now let’s see how SuperRam helps us in speed up our computer.

How to speed up your computer using SuperRam?

Increase Speed of RAMSuperRam tweaks this behavior of Windows a bit by putting the new programs into actual RAM.  So the old programs will be put to Windows Page file and the new programs will be put into actual RAM thus all the required programs will run much faster than before.

Benefits of SuperRam?

Good Speed: Applications and Games will run much faster than before
Full Control: As a user we will have full control over RAM
Runs Continuously: SuperRam always runs in the background, thus allowing the programs to run freely without any interruption

Download SuperRam: pgware.com/products/superram/

This tool won’t change your computer to a super computer but it does help in improving the speed of your computer a bit. Try it and post in your comments.

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