Tips to remove subtitles from VLC Multi-format Media Player
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Tips to remove subtitles from VLC Multi-format Media Player

VLC Multi-format Media Player is one of the top branded media players when it comes to playing multi-format videos. It goes into the top category as it does not require any codec file to run any specific format. VLC Media Player can handle almost all type of formats from MPEG to FLV files. VLC Player also works as an excellent Audio Player as it can run any type of formats. It is one of most light weight and flexible media player around the world.

VLC Media Player comes in handy while streaming online videos and audios too. It is available for Windows and Mac; now you can experience its awesome features in Android Mobile too. The best thing in all is its totally free; so you can experience VLC Player’s amazing features for FREE.

How to Disable or Remove Subtitles From VLC Multi-Format Media Player?

Subtitles are text or captions which get displayed at the bottom of the video. You can see subtitles mostly on videos with language which are not clear for the viewers. In such case these subtitles comes in handy; it helps the viewers to understand the story better. VLC player keeps the subtitle ON by default and this can be irritating at times. So in this tip I will guide you to show “How to disable or remove subtitles from VLC Multi-Format Media Player?”

There are two types of videos with subtitles. The first one has inbuilt subtitles and the second one has the subtitles stored in .srt file (SubRip Subtitle Files). I will show how to remove subtitles from both these type of videos.

1. Videos with subtitles in .srt file

If the video uses subtitle from .srt file then it is a lot easier task to turn it off. All you need to do is:-

Right Click on the Video -> Subtitle -> Disable.

That is all… This will turn off the subtitle.

There is another way to do the same work but its bit lengthy so I won’t suggest this. Still it is better to know it for knowledge purpose.

Right Click on Video -> Video -> Subtitles Track -> Disable.

As you can see it does the same work but its lengthy compared to the first step.

2. Videos with inbuilt subtitles

Removing subtitles from inbuilt video is not a difficult task either. Anyone can do this with ease and it hardly takes around 30 seconds.

Go to Tools -> Preferences -> Subtitles & OSD -> Uncheck ALL the options – Press Save.

remove subtitles 300x171remove subtitles 300x171Now from this guide it would have been clear that removing a subtitle from a video is very easy. Above tutorial will work on most format of videos but there are certain format videos wherein the subtitles are forced to display and it is a painful task disable those subtitles.

This should work fine for more than 95% of the video formats with subtitles. Try it and post in your experience about VLC Media Player or if you have a better alternative do let us know by commenting.

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