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Top 5 Best Xbox 360 Games of 2012

XBOX 360 definitely is one of the most popular gaming consoles available, all its games and console itself is developed by Microsoft. Games for XBOX 360 are released only once a year and in large quantity. XBOX games have gained too much popularity in very less span of time and are played all around the world. They are best recognized for their techniques, graphics, assault and excitement. Here we have made today a list of top 5 Best XBOX 360 games of 2012, have a look and try them if you haven’t yet.

5. Orange Box


I know that Orange Box isn’t much popular as other XBOX games, but still this game has won many awards including “IGN Game of the Year” Award in the year 2011. What gamers liked most in this game was, script, voice acting, and puzzles which were created in a top notch manner. Game also has a genuine comedy which can definitely create a challenging and funny experience for gamers. Orange Box is still in rising mode and who knows this could be the next biggest game of 2013.

4. Bioshock


Bioshock game is full of violence and story is quite shocking too. The game in simple terms deals with general ways of story time. According to game story, world is suffering badly from ecological and mental rot. Also there are lots of horrors and frightening moments in Bioshock which makes this game extremely unique from others.

3. Portal 2


Portal 2 is a marvel game along with the logical comedy. It definitely is more entertaining and enjoyable game compared to regular XBOX games. Funniest thing I found in this game was, you can somehow manage to get a cake and also you are able to eat it. Portal 2 was on the top of best Xbox 360 games from past 2 years because of its supreme techniques and graphics of this game.

2. Red Dead Redemption

read dead

Red Dead Redemption has the most significant multiplexer accommodates than any game can certainly have in Xbox Console games. It has thrilling graphic effects, next generation video quality, surrounding occlusion, top-quality character designs. Red Dead Redemption is not really game where you can see the entire plot, but it’s all about the in-game missions of character.

1. Mass Effect

Mass Effect

Mass Effect undoubtedly had to be the best game of Xbox 360 console. Game deals with trio story continued from The Star Wars. Villain in game is related to many things such as religion, racism, politics and few more real matters. The best things in game are dramas which are created by NPC’s and that surely make this unforgettable and exceptional.

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