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Top Free Conference Call Services Online

Today Business is not restricted up to a city or country but its boundaries are reaching International market too. There are many companies which has its presence worldwide. These companies conduct meeting through video or audio conference very frequently to take up some decision over some business matter. Sometimes you may also require connecting with your friends, colleague, teachers etc. through conference calls. Making direct calls for these purposes may be expensive and everybody afford it.

free conference call 300x264There are certain free online services that allows you to conduct these Conference Calls for free and you don’t need to pay a single penny for making calls. Here the quality of call depends only on your network speed. Today using these free online services you can conduct Conference Calls even through your smart phones.

Today most of the companies use these Free Conference Call Services for conducting interviews that saves both time and money. Instructors also use these services for providing training to the students or professionals. So a virtual meeting room or a virtual class can be managed using these free online services.

So conference calling is not a very big deal today and it’s in your reach without any investment, here we are going to list a few top online services for conducting free conference calls.

Top Free Conference Call Services Available Online

  1. Skype: Skype is probably one of the most popular tools for conducting conference calls. You just need to install Skype on your machine and then you can send invitations to others for joining your network. Skype allows both audio and video conference which is the best part. Skype is also available in most of the Smart phones today which means you need not rely on your PC for making calls anymore. Skype also provides support for cross screen sharing which is also a plus. You can conduct your video conference call with a group of 10 people using Skype.
  2. Rondee: Rondee is another popular online service for conducting conference calls. Rondee is considered as a specialized service for conducting conference calls. It also provides support for audio recording which is another important thing from business point of view. While conducting meetings through Rondee each user needs to enter a unique pin to get connected and then the meeting can be start straight away.
  3. GoToMeeting: GoToMeeting as its name suggests is another wonderful tool for conducting conference calls. Here you can conduct your meetings with any number of users for free. GoToMeeting is desirable to use when there are large number of user s to connect. GoToMeeting is easy to use and install on your machine.
  4. Free Conference Calling: This is a free conference call service that allows a huge number of people to connect on a conference call. Many people use this service for conducting meetings worldwide. Free Conference Calling also provide support for call recording that gives you opportunity to record important business meetings.
  5. DimDim: DimDim is another popular service among the users that allows free call conferencing. It supports almost all Operating Systems like MAC, Widows, LINUX etc. It also provides support for video conferencing and screens can also be shared using DimDim. DimDim is easy to use and ideal for conducting meetings, seminar or webinars etc.
  6. Apache OpenMeetings: Apache Openmeetings is a free conference call service from Apache.  It provides support for conducting Audio or video conference with a number of users. Meetings can also be recorded through Apache OPenMeetings with very good quality.
  7. AnyMeeting: AnyMeeting is very popular service among a number of users Worldwide. Here meetings can be conducted for a large number of groups that may contain around 200 users. It also provides support for call recording and screen sharing.
  8. Wiggio: Wiggio is a free conference call service that comes with an interactive user interface. It provides support for making calls, conducting video conferences, chat and call recording. It is easy to use and should be installed on the machine of all the users who want to participate in the meeting. It also comes with meeting reminder alerts and here you can also plan your important meetings.

So Friends these are some top most services that are used by Business Professionals, Companies and individuals for making their conference calls or conducting meetings. These services offer very good quality for free which is definitely a plus point for every user.


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