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Using VPN – Security and Freedom in the net with VPN

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The idea being designing internet was to provide users with the freedom of accessing unlimited amount of information. Regrettably, to the unsuspecting, this freedom can be controlled and compromised. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) empowers the net users to avoid these rights from being compromised.

1. How does a VPN work?

A VPN has multiple benefits:

  • It stops an ISP from getting into a user’s connection and perform deep packet inspection
  • A personal VPN conceals the user browsing and data from the ISP
  • It allows a user to overcome firewalls in a website
  • It allows a user to overcome restrictions placed on viewing of the website
  • It can also make the IP address of the user appear to be located in a different location

2. What are the advantages of this VPN Technology?

VPN enables a user with the freedom and security to browse the web by shrouding the users IP address with one of the services own address, which means that the users original IP address stays hidden. Many of these services even allow the user to decide the location or nation which they wish to show as viewing from. These results, in a block free browsing and avoid getting spied on due to certain restrictions in certain nations.

3. The VPN Solution

VPN can be quite handy while accessing Internet. There is a wide variety of security breaches on the net that could result in the loss of private data or security. It is not just the government agencies which can track your browsing pattern and location but also companies, advertising agencies and hackers who can get user information for a wide variety of reasons which not necessarily are genuine. Not surprisingly, many users don’t even know that there are social networks which use their personal data. A VPN helps you from falling prey to these activities.

4. Why VPN?

Due to restrictions posed by numerous countries on popular websites and Social networks, viewing content for a lot of people travelling is restricted. Using VPN users can access all these sites which would not be possible otherwise.

5. Freedom and VPN

As the popular dialogue goes in the Spiderman Movie,’ with great powers comes great responsibilities’. With the freedom of accessing unlimited amount of information you also need to take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your privacy and information and the best way to do this is through the usage of Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Every user should take some time out before starting to use the internet to look out for not just VPN protocols best suited for their systems but also do the required search to locate a Virtual Private Network provider who can offer freedom coupled with security while using the web.


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