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What is IP Encryption?

“IP Encryption” this word comprises of two words IP and Encryption where IP means Internet Protocol and Encryption means Encoding: The activity of converting data or information into code. Thus, IP Encryption means converting IP into a code.

IP Encryption

IP EncryptionWhenever the data is transferred over the Internet, it is sent in the form of packets. These packets sent over the Internet, usually have no protection against malicious attempts to intercept them. Once intercepted, the confidentiality and integrity of the data within the packets may be compromised. Therefore, an unintended user can now read the data and change the data without the knowledge of the sender and the intended receiver of the data. In addition, one can no longer guarantee that the data received was sent by a claimed sender.

IP Encryption is a technology developed to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and non-repudiation of data sent over a public network such as the Internet. IP Encryption operates in the network layer of the TCP/IP reference model. Additional headers and trailers are added to encapsulate either the data field of a packer or the entire packet.

IP Encryption is done at the 3rd layer i.e. Network Layer of the OSI Model where IP packets are encrypted. Network Layer deals with IP addresses and subnetting, Routing Protocols, Firewall rules and Access Control Lists (ACLs), and many types of Quality of Service.

With the advancement of Technology, IP encryption can be done using different software available. These are some of them IP Keeper, Opnet Modeling and Simulation Tool, Hide IP Easy, Platinum Hide IP.


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