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What to look for while buying a Laptop?

Things to look for while buying a Laptop

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Obviously everyone who is looking to buy a laptop is looking for the best buy and the first question to pop up in the mind of the buyer is which one to buy? There is no specific answer to this question and the increasing variety of models and number of brands in the market has not helped the situation either! However, amongst all the chaos and herd of brands below mentioned are a few basic features which a buyer must take into account before making a purchase:

1. Laptop Size – Generally speaking, the size of a laptop is also indicative of the fact that the number of features it has is also less. However, at the same time it is also indicative of the fact that any laptop which is small in size will also have a better battery life as compared to the bigger ones, as the hardware of these devices consumes less power in comparison to the bigger ones. The bigger laptops offer improved connectivity and superior hardware; however, prove to be a pain when you look at the portability factor.

2. Battery Life – A major advantage laptops enjoy over yesteryear desktops is portability, i.e. availability of rechargeable batteries. These have proven to be a boon for people who like to enjoy the freedom of working on the move. If you are someone who travels frequently then you should go for a device which has good battery life.

3. Screen Size – These range from 13 inches to 17.5 inches wide. You need to choose these depending on your usage, i.e. whether your predominant usage is around playing games or watching movies, or, you would mostly be browsing, chatting or working on you emails. Where the larger ones are ideal for gaming and watching movies, for chatting & browsing you should go for the smaller ones as they are better in terms of portability while travelling.

4. Operating System (OS) – This is the software that helps you operate your computer and use all the different hardware devices installed on it. Mac OS X (specially designed for Apple Notebooks), Windows 7 & 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP are amongst the most common operating systems around. There are some open source operating systems as well, such as Linux.

5. Hard Drive – Choice of Hard Drive should depend on the kind of work you are going to do on the system. For an average user any 80 to 100 GB drive would suffice. However, if you are going to use software’s like AUTO CAD etc. or are going to do a lot of downloading then you should be looking at a hard drive of not less than 300 GB storage capacity.

6. (CPU) Central Processing Unit – This is the most critical part of any computer no matter what kind or brand it is. The speed of your computer or how fast it works/runs depends on the CPU. For normal usage like surfing, Word or Excel related work etc. a normal AMD Athlon processor works just fine, however, if you are into hard core gaming and are going to run these on your system then you need to go for a dual core processor.

7. Color – Last but not the least. There are many manufacturers who have come up with colorful laptops and designs to satiate the demands for such products. Dell is among one of the best options if you are looking for a stylish and colorful laptop.


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