WhatsApp For Nokia Asha 200, 201, 202, 205, 206, 210, 300, 302 etc.
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WhatsApp For Nokia Asha 200, 201, 202, 205, 206, 210, 300, 302 etc.

WhatsApp is one of the best instant messengers used by many across the globe. You can download WhatsApp for different mobile platforms like Android, Windows, iPhone iOS, Symbian and BlackBerry. It is free to use for first year and then you will be charged $0.99 every year. You can download this amazing app from their company website WhatsApp.com. But the sad part is you won’t find WhatsApp for Nokia Asha Phones as these phone uses a different platform “Nokia Asha Software Platform 1.0”.

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I came to know about the same when I was trying to install WhatsApp on one of my friends Nokia Asha mobile. WhatsApp Application is not available in their official website but the same can be downloaded from Nokia Store. So when you login to Nokia Ovi Store you can find WhatsApp Messenger which can be installed in your Nokia Asha Phone. This Application is available in two formats JAD and JAR; which are the default extensions of Apps in Ovi store.

Download WhatsApp For Nokia Asha 200, 201, 202, 205, 206, 210, 300, 302, 305, 306, 308, 309, 310, 311 and 501 Free

For Nokia Asha 501 you don’t have to download anything instead; just check for software update using a proper net connection. Once the update is done you will find the inclusion of WhatsApp Messenger in your App List. Now all you need to do is click on WhatsApp icon and follow the process to install it completely. Other Nokia Asha Phone users can follow this step to download the WhatsApp JAD or JAR file.

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WhatsApp JAR file for Nokia Asha Mobile: WhatsApp Messenger JAR

WhatsApp JAD file for Nokia Asha Mobile: WhatsApp Messenger JAD

How to Install WhatsApp on Nokia Asha Mobile?

  • Copy the downloaded file to your Nokia Asha Mobile
  • Open the JAR or JAD file using your phone browser
  • Complete the installation

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WhatsApp Supported Nokia Asha Mobiles

  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 201
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 205 Chat Edition
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 210
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 230 Single & Dual SIM
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 300
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 302
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 303
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 306
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 308
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 309
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 310
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 311
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 500
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 501
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 502
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 503

So now it is very easy to download and install WhatsApp Messenger to your Nokia Asha Mobile. These JAR and JAD files can be used for any of the Nokia Asha Models. Try it and if you find any difficultly with anything then do let me know by commenting.

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