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Why Jailbreak iPhone – Click Here for the Answer

When we hear the word “Jailbreak iPhone” these are the questions that run through our mind…

What is Jailbreaking?
Why should I Jailbreak my iPhone or Why Jailbreak iPhone?
Is it safe and legal?

In this article I will try to answer all these questions in a very simple way.


What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is to modify the firmware of iPhone by using a third party application to get access to the internals of its OS.  This process removes all the restrictions which are imposed by Apple on your iPhone.

Why should I Jailbreak my iPhone?

This question arises as there are N numbers of Apps available in Apple Store and we can get our required Apps from there.  But still many go for Jailbreaking as it explores a whole new world of Apps which can’t be found in App Store.

There are lots of useful Apps available in the markets which are made for iPhone’s but many of them are restricted by Apple hence they won’t be available in App Store.  When we try to install such Apps there will be a restriction or warning from your device but Jailbreaking removes such restrictions and allows you to do what you want rather than what Apple want you to do with its device.

This doesn’t mean that you will be barred from your existing stuffs like iTunes and App Store, instead you will be having access to all your existing features and also will be able to add third party Apps of your choice without any restrictions.

Is it safe or legal?

Jailbreaking is legal in US, India, Europe and many other countries.  There is a huge competition between companies for creating Jailbreaking Tool too.

There are lots of free as well as paid Jailbreaking tool available in the market.  So if you are an expert in such things then you can Jailbreak your iPhone yourself using a better Jailbreaking tool but for starters it’s always advisable to get your Jailbreaking done with a help of a professional.

After Jailbreaking, the device will loose its warranty but it is always easy to restore the original OS of your device through ITunes.

I hope this article clears all your queries about Jailbreaking… If you have any more query you can ask it in comment section.

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  • Raghavendra

    Well, I spend a few minutes reading more about this simple process.
    It was very well authored and easy to understand Jailbreaking tutor.Thanks a lot!
    After all its our phone, and its our wish to have features that we want and there
    is none that can restrict us! So Cheers bab’y .

  • Abdulhaq

    Ty i really dont knw what is JB i have gt many vid’s on youtuybe but dont know why they do JB Ty fr d info now i gt it y JB is required :)


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