How to make money from HubPages by Writing?
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How to make money from HubPages by Writing?

I have been getting a lot of Emails from Members asking for websites for making money online.  Since many are students, they try to earn online without any investment.  So this article will help people who are looking to earn online and are good at writing or blogging. Following this article will help one earn a lot of money from Hubpages by writing for them.



As the name suggests, it’s a Hub of Pages containing useful or informative stuffs which are shared by the community of Writers or Hubbers.  It is one of the top 50 most visited sites in the world. One can write and share about anything of their choice but the data that they share should be unique.

How to make money from HubPages?

Step 1: Create an Account in HubPages providing your proper details

Step 2: Login to HubPages and Click on Start a New Hub

Hubpages 300x253

Step 3: Fill in the details as shown in the Snapshot Above and Click on Continue

Step 4: Now Click on the Edit Button on the left and start writing about anything that you love.  On the right you can add in a picture by clicking the Edit Button on the right.

register in hubpages 300x190

earning in hubpages 300x166

Step 5: Once you are done with your article just double check everything and Click on Publish. That’s all after few hours your article will be live and will be visible to millions of Hubbers around the world.

Step 6: Once you have around 10 Articles… Go to My Account under your name and click on Earnings. You will find a list of networks through which you can make money.

Step 7: Apply for or create an account in the network of your choice.  Many ideally opt for Google Adsense as its one of the best CPC network but if you are interested in marketing products then you can choose other networks like Amazon or Ebay.

Step 8: After the approval you can configure your account to HubPages with Ease.

Step 9: Share your articles with your Friends and others through Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.  This can bring in a lot of visitors to your Hub and the thus will provide you with maximum chance to earn.

- More the no. of click in Google Adsense more will be the pay
- More the no. of sale in Amazon or Ebay more will be the pay

Things to follow:

  • Write more regularly and the quality of the content should be unique and good.
  • Write about things that you love the most and which can bring more visitors towards your hub.
  • Apply for Earning Networks only after writing 10 Articles else the Networks might not approve your account.
  • Don’t click on your own Ads in Adsense Program else your account will be banned permanently.

As you can see from above, it will take some time before you actually start making money.  One can earn a decent amount of money if they can spend an hour everyday in writing and sharing good quality content.

HubPages is one of the best website wherein we can earn money by writing and without any Investment.  Try it and post in your comments about your experience with HubPages.


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Comments (21)

  • Suga

    Hi MJ,

    Could you please help me in making money out of hub pages, as it would be useful for me to start with, well i am a new bee in this and have lot of interest in earnings….

    • Michael John

      Its pretty simple but lil time consuming as you will have to register and then post around quality 10 articles. After which you can apply for google adsense program which will help you in generating money or you can go for other networks like Amazon, Ebay which you can find in the earning option in Hubpages.

      For more queries kindly get in touch with me directly on


  • Anoo

    Helo sir,
    i would like to view a sample article which people likes to view more.

  • Mani

    Hi Michael,

    I Appreciate you for your guidance and support for every one .

    Can you say more about online marketing . How we can start online marketing and make money from it .
    You mean to create e commerce website. Please clarify .


    • Michael John

      Its not necessary that you have to create an e commerce site. You can use other relevant websites to spread the detail about the product along with your affiliate link. This will require some time and lot of patience as other sites won’t directly allow you to promote your product so for a start you will have to help people around on that site before you start with promoting your product.

  • Prabhat

    Dear MJ,

    It was nice to see your articles about making money online. Believe me, those were of real use. As you suggested in your posts that Hubpages is one of the most lucrative way of making money online i tried it. I was successful in creating a hub. My hub address is

    Please enlighten me more about how to use it and about its payment mechanism.

    I shall be highly obliged..


    • Michael John

      Its great to hear that you have already taken your first step. Just start writing few quality articles and once you have around 20 articles you can apply for adsense program once you have this program approved. You can place ads on your hubs and can earn from it.

      But getting an approved adsense account is not that easy… you will have to provide really good quality work and atleast have 20-30 articles before you actually apply for it. Adsense makes Cheque payment.

  • VJ

    Hi MJ,

    i want to work from home. I read your articles.
    I am not very good at writing articles. Please suggest if i can go on with hubpages.
    i have seen your article on captcha. but you said we can not earn more in that. and that too we can earn good only if we have refferels and they are also good in that work.
    i am good in typing.
    Please suggest what i can do.
    i am a student from india. Please let me know how paypal wil work.

    PLEASE help !!!!

    • Michael John

      Yes you can still go on with Hubpages you might struggle at the start but you will start doing better with experience. Paypal is the easiest way to transfer money online and the best thing about is that its totally secured. You can create a free account from

  • Pari

    Hi Michael

    Can you please assist what should i select while creating a paypal account. Shall i go for a personal account or business?

  • Navneet

    hi michael,
    which type of 10 to 30 articles.. i mean that Is it catogorize in topicwise or in zig-zag manner..that i proceed 4 google adsense..?

  • navneet singh

    which is best–>> hubpages or blogs ??

  • yogi

    hi, am signup in hubpages for earnings.. how to use it? is it earn sure?

    • Michael John

      Hubpages is similar to blogging wherein you will have to write some good quality articles and after some 15-20 articles you can apply for revenue generating programs like Adsense. Once you get an approved Adsense account you will be able to make money from hubpages

      • Razia

        Hi MJ,

        Its been really nice to see your post/ideas in between wondering for an option to make money for the expenses.

        Recently I lost my job with limited days of notification and have been facing really hard time. I have jus registered in megatypers and created a paypal account as well but have not started working on it.

        I have visited your hubpages website and need some clarifications. I would like to mail you on this. If you could help me out in this or any other option of online money making will do a great help.


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